This scenario involves content registration, search, licensing and reporting. It is applicable to those cases where there are well established sites that deal with the promotion and collection of content, but for which licensing is not a part of their business model (e.g. Flickr, Picassa, Panoramio, Youtube, etc.). Although content can be directly accessed from those sites, it may be distributed under some restrictions that do not enable users to use it for free. This is the case when content is distributed e.g. under copyright (“all rights reserved”) or Creative Commons Non-Commercial models.

In this scenario, the mtPlatform architecture acts as a trading portal, devised for formalizing the rights acquisition for personal or professional usage. Content owners or rights holders are responsible for registering content in the trading portal and providing the link towards it. Content can be linked from external sites.

Example: A web portal dealing with specialized content (e.g. valuable medical images) wants to offer users the possibility to trade their content. The web portal defines some license templates that users can select when uploading their images. Content is automatically registered in mtPlatform and a link is provided from each image towards mtPlatform trading portal for those users interested in licensing them. The access to the images is not managed by mtPlatform but by the web portal.