This scenario covers content registration, protection, search, licensing, authorization-based content access control, content storage and reporting. In this case, there is a need for an interface so that content creators can register and publish their content and determine and modify their offers. This functionality is provided by means of specific edition user applications or otherwise integrated in a web portal.

Once content is registered, it can be linked from external sites so as to be able to license it through the mentioned portal, which means that the content promoted in external sites can include specific links towards the licensing portal. Moreover, apart from being linked from other sites, the portal itself would also be useful for promotion.

In this business scenario content is accessed by using DRM-adapted tools such as players and other rendering applications.

Example: A content distributor wants a solution for trading and distributing protected content. Content trade needs to support different licensing options, such as prices, time frames, territory, etc. Content access needs to be protected, controlled and reported. The content distributor can make use of mtPlatform services and a customized version of mtPlatform Workflow Manager web portal to easily set up a trading portal. Content access will be done through a DRM-enabled application.