This scenario involves content registration, search and reporting. It is based on the usage of registration functionalities, leaving content licensing for being tackled by external sites or services. In this scenario, the mtPlatform architecture acts as a mere intellectual property registry, proving content ownership and offering the possibility to link content to external sites that deal with its commercialization, as e.g. YouLicense, Getty Images, etc.

Example: A web portal dealing with specialized content (e.g. valuable medical images) wants to offer users a powerful means for proving authorship. The web portal integrates mtPlatform services in its registration process and automatically registers users’ content in mtPlatform. A digitally signed document generated by mtPlatform is available in the portal. It certifies authorship. Optionally, a link towards mtPlatform could be provided so as to be able to check the registration details. The web portal may reach further agreements with specialized portals for offering licensing solutions to users.